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1-on-1 holistic Nutritional Guidance
Corporate Yoga

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Free 15 minute discovery call 

Find out if working with a Nutritionist is right for you. 

During your call, we can assess if nutritional medicine is the right solution for your presenting condition. 

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1-on-1 Nutritional Medicine Consultation 

1-on-1 consultations involve taking a full health history upon which a customised treatment plan is made. Treatment may include dietary changes, supplement prescription, lifestyle suggestions and functional testing as required (allergies, stool analysis, nutrient deficiencies etc).
The clinic is conveniently located in Sydney CBD.

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Corporate Yoga 

The physical and mental benefits of practicing Yoga are well documented. Bringing yoga in to the office helps reduce stress levels, and increases productivity, alertness and wellbeing. 
Yoga can take place in boardrooms, meeting rooms or any open space in your office.


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